(ages 6-9 and 9-12)

Children who have mastered the academic skills, and have developed a strong work ethic in the Primary classroom are ready to move on to

KULIMA MONTESSORI’s Elementary program.

Imagination and Reasoning Mind

The two mental faculties of imagination and a reasoning mind define this plane of development. To appeal to both, the elementary teacher will sew seeds to spark interest. Stories, impressionistic charts, and specialized materials give a sense of the size and age of the observable universe, the steady progression of life on Earth, and the saga of human evolution, invention, and civilization. The teacher tells stories (“Great Lessons”) which lay out a general organization for knowledge, then invites the children to investigate details and relate them back to the whole. Then the child is given the opportunity to venture further out into the world to gain more knowledge and understanding through his own efforts and his own work.

Cosmic Education

Elementary classrooms harness the child’s urge towards expertise by throwing open the doors to the whole of human knowledge: the history of ancient civilizations, the mechanics of language, biological and geological classification, the intricacies of physical and political geography, the methods of mathematics from basic operations through cube roots and basic algebra.

Digging Deeper

At Kulima Montessori our Prepared Environment for the elementary child extends beyond the four walls of a classroom. “It is not enough to provide material for the child to work in school. He demands to go out into the world.” (Maria Montessori, The Four Plans of Education, pg. 7). We honor this need through our active Going Out program. When the child Goes Out, he is able to connect what he has learned in the classroom to the greater society thereby deepening his understanding of the subject in question and connecting it to himself. This interconnectedness defines the second plane curriculum as we help the child relate the wonders of the universe to his experience. The Elementary classroom offers the child more than any curriculum requires; and, since the classroom encourages exploration by individuals and small groups who then report back to the whole community, the children create a rich culture of discovery in which they are constantly exposed to a wide variety of information. Students who have completed the Elementary Program are prepared to tackle the most rigorous educational programs throughout the area. We work with families and students to identify schools that best fit the child, make sure all admission requirements are fulfilled, and facilitate their application process.fidence and mastery in doing so.