Tuition and Fees for the 2019-2020 School Year

Annual Enrolment Fee                                                                                            $ 300.00


Annual Tuition                                                                                                          $ 10,800.00

    Single Payment                                                                                                        $ 10,300.00

    2 Payments                                                                                                              $ 5,400.00

    10 Payments                                                                                                            $ 1,080.00

    12 Payments                                                                                                            $ 900.00


Annual Before and After Care                                                                            $ 1,200.00

    4 payments                                                                                                              $ 300.00

    Daily drop-in rate                                                                                                     $ 10.00


Quarterly Materials Fee                                                                                         $ 150.00

Annual Enrollment Fee: Due August 1, 2020

10 and 12 Payment plans: Payments are made using the Direct Payment Plan either the first or fifteenth of each month.

2 Payment Plan: Payments are due August 1,2020 and December 1,2020.
SinglePayment: Payment is due August 1,2020.

New Student Application Fee $75



Three payment plans are available; indicate your choice on the Enrollment Application. After August 1, of the current year, only the 10-payment plan is available. Receipt of the Enrollment Fee will complete the application and ensure placement in the program.

Application and Enrollment Fees are nonrefundable. Families choosing the 10 or 12-payment plans are required to enroll in the monthly Direct Payment Plan. A sixty day notice shall be given in writing in the event of withdrawal from the program.


Prepaid fees are nonrefundable; tuition shall be paid through the end of the notice period.

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